Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two Weeks Down.

Ut oh... You caught Dan and I training.

Tim and Dan's Excellent Adventure:
Two Weeks Down.

Morale is high for Dan Wolf and I at camp Tucson in our last 24 hours here before we head to San Diego, CA tomorrow.  We've had a blast making sure when we weren't riding or racing to see what Tucson is all about with David and Hannah this past week.  We've hit dance clubs, dive bars, and even saw Macaulay Culkin and his odd band, Pizza Underground.  We've ridden Mount Lemmon, Gates Pass, raced mountain bikes in the desert of Estrella, and I found the stubborness to race a 30mph criterium with a broken thumb the same day.  Dan and I both found ourselves on the podium for the mountain bike race in the Cross Country and Marathon race respectively after overcoming the worst ever circumstances for race preparation and race recovery.  We are stronger for that.
Dan crashed on his road bike in a recovery ride blinded by the sunset, so we are both a little beat-up heading on to California.

With promise of a bike-ride to Mexico tomorrow with Daniel Botticelli.  A rad dude I celebrated my 21st birthday with drinking beers on a curb in San Diego seven years ago outside the Invisible Children/Invisible Children Alumni Association roadie house.  And time on Venice Beach with David Lewis for an all-out recovery day.  I couldn't be more excited to get to San Dimas this weekend and continue pushing forward on our trip.

I am a little bummed that I will not be able to race this weekend coming up at Bonelli Park due to my recent injury, but I'll make the most of that weekend doing recon for the time trial of the San Dimas Stage Race and getting in some big hours training.  If I haven't been clear, that race is my main objective for this trip.  I've been jerked around left and right from teams with the uncertainty about guest riding for Redlands Bicycle Classic the weekend following that race and I'm back to square 1.  If I get a result at SDSR, I'll get a ride.  If I don't, I won't.  And that's fine because if I can't get a result at SDSR I don't want to waste anyone's time at Redlands.

All that said, I can't risk racing the mountain bike race this weekend and making things worst.  Dan is still going to take the line Saturday and Sunday so make sure you catch the live feed that we'll make sure to post later.  We're only a quarter way through this adventure, but having been through the highs and low of success, failure, disaster, and overcoming the odds, we have been able to handle the close proximity life-style required to travel because we've kept the focus on having fun and being awesome. That continues and will continue to be what it's about.  We don't have to do this, we get to. #lifestyleracers


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