Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE UCWT GRWC: I'll just go to a Belgium themed bar tonight, instead.

Last Thursday I was hanging out at The Bike Rack when I started getting text messages asking if the mustache would be back in time, whether I was going to go, and congradulations.  It wasn't til someone told me to check the USA Cycling website that I had discovered a wild card invitation to race in the UCI World Cycling Tour (UCWT) World Championship Final in Belgium. 

Well... despite the offer to receive a free "Energy Shot of Quick Energy (59 ml)" if I was prepared to spend about $2,000 in airfare, lodging, registration fees, etc... - I quickly realized that I was going to have to sit out the Group Ride World Championship (GRWC).  The idea sounds awesome for the sport of cycling in general, but it's not for me.  I feel like it's more of a burden than an opportunity because of how ridiculous, yet exciting it all sounds.  If I had vacation time and robbed a bank, I would have jumped on it just for an excuse to go to Belgium.  I suppose their's always next year!  Oh wait, if I decline the invitation I automatically miss out on a chance to compete next year.  That negative reinforcement trick won't work this time.

Make some Illinoise!

While my team, XO Communications / Battley Harley-Davidson is stomping the Mid-Atlantic RR Championship this weekend in Page Valley, VA, I'll be getting stomped by the Columbia National Team and Geox-TMC among many other national and international pro teams at the UCI 2.2 Tour of Elk Grove.  Igor Voshteyn of Jonathan Adler racing was kind enough to let me race as a guest rider with them.  The world-class field and the chance to test my abilities at such a high level are only half as exciting as the fact that my dad is going to be in attendance among the crowd.  He hasn't seen me race yet. 

Last year my mom saw me race a local crit, The Fort Ritchie Classic Criterium in Maryland.  It was the first time she had seen a bike race.  I was off the front the entire race with Joe Dombrowski, Curtis Windsor, Russ Langley, and my teammate in the race, Chuck Hutcheson.  I won every preme lap and buried myself trying to get Chuck in position to win. Chuck won and my mom was proud and loved watching the race.  It'll be hard to pull something off at Elk Grove, but I can't explain how excited I am to try to make him proud.