Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And we're back!

I took a little hiatus from the blogging but recent excitement and upcoming events have me excited to write again. I opened a twitter account to try to handle the updating... but it has it's limits. Follow me @TimothyRugg for my blogging with brevity and be sure to RT and # appropriately. Like I said, just opened an account - so the twitgon is a little silly to me.

Thanks to guidance from the Nature Valley media guru's, I've got a four part series leading up to the Nature Valley Grand Prix two weeks from now to blog about.
  1. Who I am. Why I race.
  2. Getting ready for NVGP
  3. Balancing Work, Life, and Racing
  4. Dreams for NVGP
You can see my mustache picture in the Riders section on the Nature Valley Pro Ride website. I think I'm going to setup a poll to determine whether to rock the Grizzly Beard, Handlebar Mustache, or Clean Cut look for the race. My rider agreement didn't have any restrictions to facial hair... so, I'll leave that decision in your hands. Then again, if the goal of this opportunity is to try to "Go Pro" then going clean cut might be the most professional option. Then again, again, standing out is hard when you look like everyone else, right?

I'll try to have the first of the series up before BaseCamp International p/b Verizon Wireless Thursday. That race marks the beginning of a rest week and the end of a six week block. I also have a 65 hour work week to ensure I can take the time off to go to Minnesota. Please keep up with me as I try to keep up with all this!


  1. http://i.imgur.com/rcRp1.jpg

  2. although I'm sure the bearded look would be appreciated in MN, I'd offer up to go clean. Let your legs do the "standing out". Good luck! Glad you are writing. It's nice to hear what goes on in the brain of the fellas racing at the pointy end of the field.

  3. Handlebar is well-respected in cycling, and especially up nort.