Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tale of the Turtle Omen

Unlike the sad fortune of the snapper at Carl Dolan, a story has reached my inbox of another turtle that fared a better day and granted one lucky rider a wish for his altruism. A turtle from yesteryear along the same path as the snapper caught the eye of one of the local sprintheads, Pete Custer.

Pete evacuated his car and set the mythical being off towards the grass, safe from the otherwise inevitable encounter with one of the DC metro area's very proud multitasking drivers.

The turtle was shocked by the display of compassion and asked the samaritan, who was built more like a mac truck than a cyclist, to request one wish from him. Pete desperately wanted to win the race he was headed to that day. His wish was granted that day and Pete became a believer of the turtle.

Going back to this past Sunday, where I imagine the fatality remains where we found it out of fear of further curse, a story was remembered. The snapper brought back the memory of the little boxer turtle and the myth of great fortune it provides for the kind-hearted. It was only (super)natural that Pete used his (higher)power to kick to a second place result at Carl Dolan.

I strongly believe Pete would have won at Carl Dolan if their wasn't another being blessed with the powers of the turtle present at the race. I hate to speculate but a case has been opened on whether Evan Fader is actually a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I've seen him without a helmet, and my guess is Donatello.

If the legend of the turtle and it's mystical fortune floats, then I'm left to assume that someone from DC Velo ran over that poor snapper at Carl Dolan last Sunday.

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  1. true story, i once saw a driver on macarthur blvd out in MD pulled over to the side of the road, out of his car, moving a turtle off the road. in front of the naval research facility.

    what a g.